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Covid Proof Production

Corona proof production

Since the beginning of Covid-19 in March of this year, we have dedicated ourselves to keeping productions going within all restrictions of Covid-19.

The Dutch Film and Television industry have joined forces and has drawn up the Netherlands Covid-19 Protocol for the Audiovisual Sector. Please find a PDF copy of this protocol here.

During productions, we and our crews will comply with this protocol and all current regulations of the RIVM (Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environment).

In addition to these rules and the protocol, we highly recommend the option to employ a a Covid Supervisor on set. This Covid-19 trained professional will make sure all rules and the protocol are observed and will supply all materials necessary to have a Safe Set.

Live streams

Now that it has become increasingly difficult or impossible to travel in the way you were used to, many companies turn to live-stream their events. Having extensive experience with this in recent years, we not only service all aspects, like the studio, up to 5-camera recording, multiple simultaneous live-streams, links with foreign participants, but we are also capable of doing this in a safe and Covid proof way.

Our most recent project was a 3-day studio event for Smyle UK, hosted by ServiceNow, with professionals from ABN-AMRO, Heineken, Booking.com, and others.