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Deutsche Bahn 'What we achieve'

Title: What we achieve Director: Barney Cokeliss Production Company: Telemaz Berlin Cient: Deutsch Bahn Germany

Production company Telemaz Berlin came to us with a very technical project: within one shot the director, Barney Cokeliss, wanted to have the camera start underwater, rise up to reveal a huge container ship in Rotterdam harbour and to continue rising to about 100 mtrs. We came up with the solution to cut the shot in 3 parts: starting underwater with underwater housing & dive team, a Flighthead on-a-crane on-a-ship continued the shot while a full size, 2-engine helicopter with Flight Head was hovering just behind the ship at approx. 5 mtrs above the water, to take over and follow it up to the required 100 mtrs. Great technical challenges, extremely precise executed.